17914 Magnolia Street, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Tel: 714-963-2623 email: info@artegydance.com

About Artegy

We are Fountain Valley's newest dance school, with 3 spacious dance studios each equipped with sprung dance floors, double-mirrored walls, and customized barres. Our school is conveniently located in a family-oriented strip mall with ample parking and easy access to the 405 freeway.


Music and dance are expressions of the soul. They do wonders for the mind and body as well. Not only do they promote overall fitness and good posture, they also develop self-esteem, confidence, and discipline.


We take pride in our faculty line-up whose involvement in dance span many years as professional dancers, company members, teachers, prize-winning choreographers, and successful dance school directors.


Our goal is to seamlessly combine the art of dance and the proper technique in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. Whether you are dancing for the first time or aiming to enhance your skills to the highest level, we are here to provide the right program to suit your personal style and level of proficiency.


We help our students discover and nurture a love for dancing and an appreciation for what their minds and bodies can do. We focus on dance as an art, as expression, and as a fun and social activity. We take pride when our dancers bloom and come out of their shells, when they have fun sharing what they have learned, and when they work hard to master new routines. For us, sharing this love and passion for dancing with our families is more important than getting trophies and winning competitions. As such, we welcome students of all levels who want to explore dancing or who already share a similar love for dancing.